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Club info:

1. General:


Last position in Current Division:

Professional Status:


Stadium rented?

Rent cost?

Reserve team stadium:

Home match day?

Average attendance:

Average attendance in most optimal predicable conditions:

Average attendance in worst optimal predicable conditions:

the level of revenue the corporate facilities generate in relation to the club's reputation and nation:

Morale in the team:

Training facilities standard:

Youth academy level:

Discovering and training of young talents:

World reputation:

Potential to increase the reputation in the next 5 years:

Year founded:

Club Captain:

Club Vice Captain:

2. Preferences

Favourite staff:

Disliked staff:

Rival clubs:

Tactical preferences:

- how much it is expected to play offensively
- how often the team gets back to the own half
- how directly it plays
- how much freedom players are expected to have on the field
- how willingly the team changes its formation, when the situation requires
- how oftenly players get free role
- and so on J
- preferred formations

3. Affiliation

Are there any teams affiliated? If so, what are the basis?

4. Records

1;Most league appearances
2;Most league goals
3;Most overall apps
4;Most overall goals
5;Highest fee spent
6;Highest fee received
7;Record attendance
8;Record win
9;Record defeat
10;Youngest player
11;Oldest player
12;Longest winning run
13;Longest losing run
14;Longest unbeaten run
15;Longest run without win
16; Most consecutive league games played
17; Most consecutive games played in all competitions
18; Most games without conceding
19; Most games without scoring
20; Highest League Goalscorer in a Season
21; Most League Goals in one match
23; Most Individual Goals scored in one match
24; Fastest Goal
25; Most Club Goals scored in one match
26; Record Lowest Attendance
27; Youngest Ever Goalscorer
28; Oldest Ever Goalscorer

5. Finances

Cash – how much the club has in total (not the transfer budget)

Transfer Budget – how much does the manager has for buying new players

Transfer Budget at the start of the transfers window

Remaining Wage Budget – how many can the team give to the new players

Average ticket price:

Average seasons ticket price:

Additional known incomes:

6. Kits

How do they look, what are the colours (shirts, shorts, socks)


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